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AOC Apex Legends by PlayGain


stage 1


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Sign up format:

1. Register on the website

2. Create your team and invite the teammates

3. Click the Join Tournament button

How to participate:

1. Each participant must have 'Kills', 'Damage' and 'Matches Played' trackers set to their legends' banners. The system won't count results of those legends which don't have all the needed trackers set.

2. Participants must save each end-game screenshot with their result and send it to the Admin team if asked.

3. One of the team members must stream their tournament gameplay with 2 hashtags in the title of their stream: #AOCLegends and #PlayGain

4. To support sponsored tournaments like this - please, add AOC logo to your stream

You can find logo here:

Tournament format:

- Every team has 15 games to play 

- The best 10 matches' results will be counted (automatically).

- 1 kill = 1 point

- If 2 or more teams have the same amount of kills - the amount of damage is a decisive factor which team goes first.

All the results will be counted automatically.

tournament starts in:

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